Test Weekend at Voralpsee

This weekend i went out for a little try out. up in the swiss mountains next to a half frozen lake called Voralpsee on 1200 m.ü.M.

I have a new sleeping bag and some plans for this winter. i wanna go to some longer hikes with just my hennessy hammock and a sleeping bag. i hope my new one i got from esthi (thank you a lot) will keep me warm the whole night.

From the parking place its a really short walk but im sure not many people know this place thats why i was the whole weekend alone. After a 30min walk i arrived at the beginning of the lake.

It was around 0 deg. Celsius and really foggy. it took a while untill i found out that the lake was half frozen :)

after i found a beautiful place at the lake i started to set up my hennessy hammock and prepared everything for the night.

My Setup:

- Hennessy Hammock with 4 Season Shelter

- Hex Rainfly

- Exped Winter Sleeping bag

In the night the temperature wasn't falling so far. i had around -5 deg. Celsius and a bit snow falling during the night.

i couldn't imagine that i was really nearly sleeping for 12 hours. it was sooo comfortable and quiet to sleep.

So the sleeping bag is amazing warm. i just had long underwear and a shirt and it was so comfortable the whole night. so now i can start planing my next bigger tour.

after i woke up i made a fire, cooked some coffee and baked some bread on a hot stone. Of course my coffee cup from sweden is always with me. :)

at the end i took everything together and went away if i have never been there. you should always care about the nature and try to leave as less footprints as possible.

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